1. unpredictable, unforeseeable; unaccountable, undeterminable, unascertainable, undivinable, incalculable; casual, haphazard, random, arbitrary, hit-or-miss; chance, fortuitous, serendipitous, aleatory, Inf. fluky.
2. ambivalent, undecided, unresolved, unsure, betwixt and between, of two minds, at loose ends, sitting on or straddling a fence; fluctuating, oscillating, oscillatory, wavering, hovering; debating, considering, weighing both sides; skeptical, unconvinced, questioning, suspicious, mistrustful, distrustful, untrustful.
3. irresolute, indecisive, infirm of purpose, wishy-washy; hesitant, hesitating, pausing, halting, hanging back, faltering, dallying, dillydallying; equivocating, hedging one's bets, covering or touching all bases, seesawing, shilly-shallying; insecure, unassured, unconfi-dent, unsure of oneself; reserved, constrained, restrained, demurring.
4. indefinite, undetermined, unsettled, unestablished, unfixed, up in the air, open, touch-and-go, borderline, hanging in the balance, Sl. up for grabs; unproven, undemonstrated, unconfirmed, in suspense, in question, in dispute, at issue; unknown, undiscovered; debatable, contestable, arguable, moot, suspect, open to question or doubt; provisional, tentative, pending, contingent, conditional; speculative, conjectural, assumptive, presumptive; theoretical, hypothetical, notional, postulational; problematic, problematical.
5. indistinct, indeterminate, undefined, ill-defined, ill-marked; vague, nebulous, obscure, unclear, Rare. im-perspicuous; shadowy, hazy, fuzzy, foggy, blurry, blurred, unfocused, out of focus; mysterious, arcane, cryptic; abstract, recondite, abstruse; enigmatic, enigmatical, puzzling, baffling, bewildering, confounding; impenetrable, unfathomable, inscrutable.
6. inconsistent, variable, changeable, changeful, ever-changing, mutable, permutable, protean, vicis-situdinous; mercurial, volatile, impetuous, impulsive; fickle, capricious, wayward, skittish, flighty, moody; transient, rambling, roving, wandering.
7. dubious, doubtful, questionable, ambiguous; inconstant, unreliable, undependable, untrustworthy, unsteadfast; treacherous, slippery, shifty, timeserving.
8. chancy, risky, riskful, full of risk, Inf. iffy, Brit. Inf. dicey; delicate, ticklish, Inf. tricky, Inf. sticky; dangerous, perilous, hazardous, Sl. hairy; unsafe, unsound, unfixed, unstable, unsteady, shaky, wobbling, teetering, tottering, hanging by a thread, trembling in the balance.
9. irregular, intermittent, erratic, sporadic, unmethodical, immethodical, methodless, unsystematic, systemless, Inf. on again, off again; spasmodic, fitful, desultory, stop-and-go, come-and-go, coming and going; (all of light) dim, faint, pale, poor, inadequate, feeble.

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